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About Craft Loyal

Craft Loyal is brought to you by hardcore craft beer enthusiasts and home brewers.

It’s our mission to create a lifestyle brand of craft beer apparel and glassware that is as exclusive as the beer you drink. We think it insulting to wear the tacky beer shirts that made craft beer seem cheap and low-class, and to drink out of glassware that did anything but enhance the flavor profile of these well crafted masterpieces (you know who you are red solo cups users!). Craft Loyal was brought to life to showcase and support the craft beer community and lifestyle; because let’s face it, it is a lifestyle, and one that is deserving of proper recognition. We hope our passion for excellence will help this craft beer movement become a Revolution.

Ideology of a Craft Loyalist

It’s time to take control of our common desire to enjoy the rich, full taste of craft beer enhanced by the proper glassware and paired with complimenting food servings. It is with these ideas that we bring to you Craft Loyal. An amalgamation of reviews on craft beers, the craftsman behind these great brews and a forum for discussion on the subject of home brewing techniques. Follow our feed, our social networks and sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of all the special deals available to members. Feel free to contact us with any ideas for articles, newsworthy events within the craft beer community or just to say hello.

We Shall Not Partake of the Masses

We no longer accept the constraint on taste apparent in many mass produced beers and therefore refuse to consume them, choosing instead to whole heartedly support the many wonderfully crafted brews available from small batch craft breweries and home brewers.

If You Want It Done Right, Do it Yourself

Brewing your own beer is badass. You can’t get closer to the source than this. You have full control over all of the ingredients and outcome of the batch. It’s all in your hands, don’t let the flame go out. Drink Local!

Learn From Others, Share With Brothers

It’s about time we come together to learn from each other and share in each others accomplishment. Be creative with your recipes and remember as you learn more— sharing is cool. We will share all we know on the subject of home brewing and craft beer, we ask you to join our ranks to support the cause.